General Description

The United Security Force, established by United Earth as a global police force, has assumed the mantle of Interpol and UNPROFOR. The USF's reach and authority have expanded under the guidance of its motto, "Safer Worlds, Together." However, its reputation is tarnished by allegations of authoritarianism, and its methods, whether legal or not, are used to maintain order and suppress dissent. The organisation is notorious for corruption, nepotism, extortion, and secrecy, and its reputation for effective law enforcement is the subject of ridicule in the public sphere.

In the late 21st century, law enforcement underwent significant transformation, resulting in the dissolution of local police forces and the establishment of giant police hubs. These changes led to the emergence of the USF as a global law enforcement agency. Crime was also transformed, with two categories - Harm and Theft - replacing traditional classifications. Harm refers to any physical action that causes damage to people or property, while Theft encompasses all other offences, including those committed in the virtual realm. With the rise of virtual ownership, Theft became all the more common, soon growing to eclipse Harm as the most common form of criminal activity. Despite this, many consider it an open secret that the USF’s strategy focuses on highly visible Harm crimes, avoiding tackling the Theft cases that may shed unfavourable light on the most powerful members of society.

The USF considers itself an elite force, with the resources to identify and train the most capable operatives on Earth. However, the agency's mode of operation and the role it occupies in society suggest a different narrative.

Company Sub-Entities

The United Security Force (USF), as the military arm of United Earth (UE), is organised into four distinct sub-entities, each with its own specialised focus.

1 - The Interventional Police Force (IPF) represents the traditional physical army of the USF, responsible for maintaining order and enforcing the law in the physical realm. The IPF is equipped and trained to handle a wide range of situations, from civil unrest and domestic terrorism to international conflicts and military interventions.

2 - The Virtual Police Force (VPF) operates in the digital sphere, encompassing the investigation and enforcement of laws within the Internet, metaverse, and social networks. The IVP is a crucial part of the USF's overall strategy, given the importance of cyberspace and the prevalence of online crime in modern society.

3 - The Peacekeepers (PKs) are tasked with providing a physical presence in areas of the world where poverty, underdevelopment, and violence persist. Specifically, the PKs engage in peacekeeping missions in regions such as Africa, South America, and certain parts of Indonesia. Through their efforts, the PKs work to promote stability, security, and prosperity in these areas, ultimately advancing the goals of USF and UE as a whole.

4 - The Dolos Security Force (DSF) is the most recent addition to the USF umbrella, and is tasked with upholding USF’s interests within the Dolos expedition. DSF maintains the largest number of armed personnel in the expedition, and has been tasked with training combat proficiency across all personnel, alongside the larger task of maintaining security against threats both within and without.

Company Structure

The USF is led by Callum Periad, a veteran of pre-USF policing with extensive experience in law enforcement.

Reporting directly to the CEO of UE, Carlos Woodridge, Periad’s commands run through a cadre of generals, each of whom oversees one of USF’s sub-entities. In order to renew public confidence in the USF, Periad has assigned Gabriel Fuller, a loyal and famously incorruptible officer, as DSF Commander for the expedition. The organisation is structured as a military hierarchy, where commanders impose rigorous discipline while promoting positive values such as obedience and strength in unity. Troops are allowed to use any necessary methods to maintain order The official stance on accepting personal gain is limited to exceptional cases where administrative weight prevents action, and USF members are advised to find a solution to help people.

The USF is a vertically-structured military organisation that emphasises strong positive values, such as obedience for the greater good and the notion that together, the organisation is stronger. While soldiers are expected to follow internal rules, they are permitted to take whatever actions they deem necessary to achieve order. The USF's interests are prioritised above all else, with troops often utilising methods that would be considered criminal if used outside the organisation. Indeed, a stark contrast exists between the image of military purity portrayed in recruitment drives and the grizzled, cynical outlook of the established soldiery. Although the USF officially prohibits the acceptance of money, gifts, or personal benefits, these policies are only enforced in exceptional circumstances. Where procedures and administrative obstacles prevent effective action, flexibility is encouraged, and USF advises its members to find practical solutions to move forward, thereby allowing for a pathway to corruption that is tacitly authorised. In addition to these practices, the USF's leadership is infamous for its internalised intrigue, constantly manoeuvring within UE to expand its political control. This is likely not limited to merely metaphorical backstabbing, as rumours abound of regular purges within the inner circles of USF’s Generals.

Business Objectives

USF’s business objectives change depending on the sub-entity involved, but there are official mandates for the organisation that affect all of its operations:

- Maintain the safety and security of Humanity through order. USF has inherited many of the objectives that fell on the police and militaries of times gone by, and they seek to achieve these goals by many of the same means. Each sub-entity of USF focuses on a different facet of the challenge, but all share the same core values inherited from USF.

- Prove efficiency and value. The USF has for many years been perceived as ineffective and corrupt by a majority of Earth's population, yet is for now still viewed as a potent tool by governments, corporations, and interest groups. In contrast to its parent company, UE, which participates in numerous conferences and press events, the USF operates solely at the execution level, carrying out its actions without engaging in public debate or salesmanship. As the USF is seen as useless and/or dangerous by many populations, it must frequently demonstrate its efficiency and value in private forums to avoid restructuring or dissolution.

- Capitalise on the Dolos Expedition. Dolos represents an unparalleled opportunity to expand the power of the USF, as the new colonisation efforts have shown that constant protective efforts are needed in order to avoid destruction. As the corporation selected for security and training, USF is already in a prime position to achieve a monopoly on any matters requiring force to resolve. Despite this, the officially publicised objective of the DSF remains working in a support role, aiding DEEP and all of Humanity in the exploration and colonisation of Dolos.

Company Projections on Dolos

The deployment of USF to Dolos was a natural requirement in order to ensure the safety and security of the mission, and to represent UE as the international force recognized by all parties. Prior to the discovery of the Mars wormhole, the USF was publicly struggling to avoid dissolution, with allegations of corruption and incompetence reaching a tipping point. However, recent events have re-strengthened their position. With the United Security Force established as the clear solution for the safety and protection of Dolos colony efforts, unified resistance to their existence on Earth has lessened significantly. Capitalising on this, and in spite of their usual disdain for advertising, USF have made surprisingly effective efforts towards a successful publicity campaign. A drive has been made via all networks and metaverses to create an engaging message, replacing its dark image of corruption and autocracy with one of defence and protection:

"Protect humanity. Join us on Dolos."

Following the unified decision to send a spaceship through the wormhole, USF was able to become a pillar of the trip, with the creation of the new branch, DSF (Dolos Security Forces), by Periad, and the appointment of Fuller as its commander. Fuller was responsible for supporting DEEP with military instructions, processes, and human support.

The emergence of the Dolos opportunity represents a new element in the game, which will rebalance interests and stakes for everyone involved. In doing so, fortunes will likely change, leading to unparalleled opportunity. Woodridge, Periad, and Fuller are likely to play a pivotal role as events unfold.

Callum Periad

Full Name: Callum Periad Corporate Title: USF Senior Executive

Rank: USF Marshal General Sex: Female

Nationality: British

Age: 65 years old Psychological Notes: N/A

Other Notes: N/A Current Location: Earth

Bio: Periad is a senior executive who places a great deal of importance on the rule of law and maintaining order. She possesses an idealistic temperament, a strong drive, and a penchant for procedural adherence. In an effort to restore public trust in the USF, Periad has strategically utilised the DEEP expedition, which will be secured by USF personnel. While she is archaic, conventional, and conservative, Periad upholds law and order and has a deep respect for hierarchy and her superiors. Periad is highly respectful of institutions and rules, and considers authority, hierarchy, and organisation to be of paramount importance.

Despite her knowledge of the USF's unfavourable reputation, she remains largely unaware of the depth of corruption, coercion, and illegality that pervades her organisation. This may seem to border on willful ignorance, but is actually the combined result of a number of factors. Even before outside factors influence the equation, Period’s personality and sensibilities put her at a profound disadvantage in the modern world. Her rigid worldview and moral compass are compounded by a naivety that is surprising for a veteran of corporate life, leaving her vulnerable to manipulation. This is made worse by a severe lack of technological literacy that is balanced only by her proficiency in other areas.

As a result of the above, Periad soon found herself ensnared in the machinations of individuals that would nominally be considered her lessers. It’s an open secret that the majority of USF’s illegal operations are committed through its Virtual Police Force division; in a world where the majority of wealth can be found online, a corporation with unfettered access to the majority of the online ecosystem is a dangerous thing. Periad’s closest advisors and generals are clearly well-versed in the practices of their organisation, as they effectively conceal this information from her. Public outcry has fallen on deaf ears, as she trusts her subordinates to a level only capable of those with absolute belief in their ideology. Indeed, even if she did suspect that there might be truth to the rumours of corruption, even if she allowed the self-righteous image of purity in her mind to be marred, she’d never have the skills to properly investigate the claims.

Gabriel Fuller

Full Name: Gabriel Fuller Rank: DSF Commander Sex: Male

Nationality: American

Age: 40 years old Psychological Notes: N/A

Other Notes: N/A Current Location: Columbus1

Bio: In accordance with the decision of Callum Periad, 37-year-old Gabriel Fuller was appointed as the USF commander for the Dolos mission. Fuller's appointment is considered a wise choice by many, as he understands the importance of changing the public's perception of the USF and is committed to preventing corruption during the expedition. Despite being aware of the alleged corruption within USF, he has established a reputation for incorruptibility, a rarity given the organisation’s internal ideologies. Fuller possesses a strong personality and an exceptional level of fighting spirit, which makes him very effective in his duties. Fuller is renowned for his belief in adhering to core human rights and values and prioritising respect for all individuals. However, respect does not mean kindness, and his disdain for social niceties and lack of expressed empathy has labelled him as a hard man without many allies, looked upon with admiration but never affection. Fuller’s ideology places a strong emphasis on the needs of the group over the individual, leading to a firm belief in the necessity of sacrifices for the greater good. Although he believes in the strengths of a defined hierarchy, he possesses an understanding of the short-fallings of other high-level officers to consider the group's shared interests over their own, something that he has alluded to on occasion in briefings

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