World of Life Beyond

Life Beyond is an Open Metaverse where you shape the world of Dolos. The story of Dolos is a framework for you to build out a unique and meaningful destiny. You will find that Dolos is brimming with worldbuilding elements that allow you to craft the story you most want to explore.


The largest spaceship ever conceived by humanity. It was built to be solid enough to go through a wormhole, transporting two hundred key personnel to the newly discovered planet Dolos. The exploration vessel is currently hovering in the skies over Dolos.

The Hub

The Hub is situated within Columbus1. In a spacious room onboard, prospective Pioneers can meet each other and begin their adventures, all set against the backdrop of wide panoramic views of Dolos below.

Though the ship and the planet it is hovering above are very real, Pioneers are only present via advanced holographic avatars on board in order to test their aptitude via simulations. This is a measure to make sure that they have the skills necessary in order to be worth securing a spot on the next vessel to make the jump to Dolos, since spaces are limited, and Dolos is dangerous. The simulations will evolve over time as more data comes from the expeditions currently ongoing down on Dolos, ensuring that they’re as accurate as possible to what players will experience once they’re actually on the ground.

Agents Zero

Underground operatives, part of an exclusive group with connections throughout Dolos.

Bored Apes Transhumanists

The Bored Apes are a collection of NFTs that became extremely popular in the early 2020s. The next exponential development of Web3 increased their success into the following decades.

Apes rapidly became a symbol of Web3 and its core values. The ability for everyone to express their perspective in an impactful way, the overall inclusivity, and the decentralisation values crystallised further around the Apes.

In order to support this dynamic, a group of ‘extreme democrats’ triggered a social movement. They organised in small, very active groups, manifesting and acting for these positive values. They appeared disguised as Apes in various public events and started to roleplay the Apes as if they really existed. When Transhumanism via the expansion of nano-biological surgery allowed not only human body improvement but also human appearance transformation, the Apes were the first to make the leap of faith. The more extremes among them decided to change their appearance into Bored Apes.

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