Creative Vision

More Than a Game

The feeling of a game, the stakes of reality.

This is our mantra. It’s our intention to make Life Beyond a global experience, moving beyond the boundaries of a simple game. The Life Beyond MMO is absolutely key to our vision, but it isn’t the only part of the Open Metaverse experience.

Traditional Web2 gaming has the fantastic potential to let people interact with one another, building lasting connections in a way that might otherwise not be possible. That being said, your time investment usually only sees rewards in-game, with you having little to show from it in wider life. We’re not looking to take you away from the physical world, we’re looking to enrich your lives regardless of where you are and see you rewarded appropriately. To this end, it’s our intention to make Life Beyond device-agnostic- we want you to be able to interact with your Dolos adventures on whatever device you have available, wherever you are. Mobile apps, web interactivity, physical products- all are on the cards.

It’s our intention to develop Life Beyond with the community. That’s not just a pretty statement either; we’re fully committed to developing alongside all of you. In order to make our vision a reality, it has to be a collective endeavour. Everyone is a stakeholder, and everyone has the capability to see how their love and time has shaped the world around them.

Life Beyond...Where?

Life Beyond takes place on the planet of Dolos. It’s a new discovery, it’s mostly unexplored, and it’s absolutely vital. Life on Earth at the close of the 21st century isn’t looking great. There’s massive economic disparity, environmental collapse, resource scarcity, and everything’s controlled by massive corporations whose actions rarely benefit the wider population. Colonisation showed some initial promise, with work on Mars beginning its first stumbling efforts, but the crises kept coming, and work was slow.

However, in 2081, everything changed. Alien ruins were found on Mars- the first confirmation of intelligent life beyond Earth. Only a year later, something miraculous happened; a massive wormhole opened in Mars orbit, shocking everyone with its sudden appearance.

Drones were sent in. Nothing for months, and tensions grew within interested parties. Then…contact. Stable pictures came through, and they showed Dolos. A new, habitable planet, ripe for exploration.

After much posturing and debate, a ship was designed and built, filled with members of the corporations with enough sway to send representatives. With the expedition led by DEEP, the Columbus1 travelled through the wormhole, and arrived in a new solar system.

A New Frontier

As the first teams were sent to explore, it quickly became apparent that Dolos contained more promise than anyone’s wildest hopes. Incredible biodiversity. Breathable air. Strange, miraculous alien technology. All of it, just waiting to be discovered. All of it, just waiting to be used.

Now it’s become clear that Dolos is not as hospitable as it first appeared. Not only is the weather frequently brutal, with massive electromagnetic storms sweeping the planet, but the alien vestiges are not so lifeless as they initially appeared. Strange, hostile robotic constructs appear out of seemingly nowhere to ravage anything human-made, threatening everything that pioneers have built. Though initially limited to seemingly reactive aggression towards exploration efforts, in recent times the danger has grown, as shown by a brutal assault on DEEP’s Base Of Operations during celebrations.

It’s become clear that every step of Dolos’ exploration, every move towards colonisation will be a fight. That’s where you come in.

The Three Pillars

Life Beyond’s gameplay is structured around three pillars: pioneering, settling, and governing. These will inform everything that occurs on the surface of Dolos, and will have far ranging effects on gameplay and systems that will only become apparent as players make the world their own.


Discover new areas and new dangers. Conquer regions, ripping them from the control of the constructs. Secure regions one by one, making them safe and preparing them for habitation.


Claim your land. Develop an expertise and build a business, following your passions to make your experience unique. Trade with other settlers, and make everyone’s life richer.


Foster discussions with people across the region. Decide what you want the burgeoning civilization to look like, and what form ruling should take. Help grow a society on a new world.

Why Web3?

Blockchain empowers you and enables us to co-create Life Beyond with your trust.

You deserve a meaningful sense of progression, belonging and ownership, without having to spend hundreds of hours in a game. We want to offer a unique experience, in a persistent and ever-evolving world where you can voice your expectations, needs and feelings.

We want to build this game with all of you. Join us in this adventure and make your mark on the game, even before its release.

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