Life Beyond Wiki

Life Beyond's public knowledge database.

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a gaming metaverse where players embark on a journey to build a new civilization on planet Dolos. In this sci-fi world, powered by NFTs and a player-driven tokenized economy, players-citizens can decide who they want to become and the role they want to play in Life Beyond’s complex and many-layered society. Life Beyond embraces the open metaverse philosophy to create immersive experiences through digital societies with an emphasis on true ownership and interoperability.

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What is the Purpose of This Wiki?

Our primary objective is to provide an in-depth description of Life Beyond as it currently stands. These pages will outline the narrative, the game mechanics, and the tokenomics that sit at the very heart of the project. Our intention is to provide a comprehensive depiction of the current state of the project and to illustrate our vision of the future.

We understand the importance of transparency in our approach and we want to ensure that the community is fully informed about the progress we are making.

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