General Description

Dolos Exploration Engineering & Pioneering (DEEP) is a leading research and technology company at the forefront of humanity’s expansion into the stars. A holder of thousands of patents, DEEP has been responsible for the widespread adoption of some of the most important breakthroughs in modern technology, including particle entanglement, space elevators, and cost-effective reusable space shuttles.

Initially founded as the Space Pioneering Agency (SPA) by the visionary Uzoma Abraham, the company aimed to develop space transportation and facilitate human settlement and development on Mars. Following the discovery of alien remains on Mars and the existence of Dolos, the company was renamed to DEEP: Dolos Exploration Engineering and Pioneering.

DEEP lacks the balance that a board or committee of decision-makers would provide, and has come under frequent public scrutiny due to the eccentricity of its CEO. Despite (or some would say because of this) DEEP is a household name, and enjoys wide popularity across the globe.

In the wake of the discovery of Dolos, DEEP has been the focal point of more media attention than ever before. The organization’s success in securing a major leadership position for the expedition is an unprecedented opportunity, and one that it clearly intends to exploit fully.

Company Inception

After Dolos’ discovery, many companies competed for the right to explore the new world. Nonetheless, SPA’s size and influence meant that these competitors never had much chance at winning the bid. Indeed, the only real blocker to SPA’s otherwise unopposed capture of expedition leadership was the United Earth. Concerned at the possibility of SPA (and therefore Uzoma) having complete oversight over the expedition, the international organisation made an offer: SPA would lead the expedition, but it would have to transfer 20% of its shares to UE beforehand.

Even with Dolos’ unimaginable potential, Uzoma fiercely contested this decision. Such a transfer would by necessity require him relinquishing total control of SPA, something that he had enjoyed since its inception. Unfortunately for him, UE refused any attempts at negotiation. Eventually, Uzoma relented, and the transfer went through. To commemorate the beginning of the company’s new endeavours on Dolos, it was rebranded as DEEP.

In reality, Uzoma’s worst fears about loss of control were mostly unfounded. Uzoma Corp, his personal holding company, still owns 80% of DEEP’s shares, allowing him to override the board of directors imposed by UE. Despite the forced imposition of a new C-level, Uzoma retains his unilateral decision-making powers, with most DEEP employees enamoured by his charismatic leadership. Some have questioned why UE allows this to occur, especially when they were so vocally against it before. However, those are a minority. All eyes are on Dolos, and DEEP is at the forefront.

Business Objectives

DEEP is a company that operates in the cutting-edge field of new technologies. The company has a diverse range of interests, including biotechnology, energy, and surgery, among others. These are old interests, and come from the organisation’s time as SPA. However, with the likelihood of discovering similar alien ruins to those on Mars after travelling to Dolos, the company introduced two new objectives:

- Lead all research on Alien vestiges and artifacts, understand them, and use them to develop Humanity’s sciences. The company believes that the study of alien artifacts and technology holds immense potential for the advancement of human knowledge and innovation. DEEP has made significant strides in this area and has become a leader in decoding alien technology. Through its research, DEEP hopes to unlock the secrets of alien technology and apply them to benefit humanity.

- Explore and colonise Dolos. The company is confident that Dolos has vast resources and potential for wealth generation. By exploring and colonising the planet, DEEP aims to secure access to these resources and establish a foothold in this new frontier. The company believes that the wealth generated from Dolos will enable it to continue to innovate and develop new technologies that will benefit humanity.

However, these objectives are not without their challenges. DEEP faces significant obstacles in achieving its goals, both internally and externally. One of the main issues faced by DEEP is the strong hold over the company exercised by its founder and CEO, Uzoma. Uzoma is known for his narcissism and reluctance to delegate control. This has caused tension within the company, particularly among the executive and financial managers, who are concerned about the long-term stability of the company.

Another major obstacle faced by DEEP is external competition, particularly from Milinda, DEEP’s biggest competitor in the field of technology manufacture and supply. Despite notionally being part of the same expedition, it’s common knowledge that both companies view each other as rivals. DEEP is aware that the competition between the two companies will soon begin and is determined to come out on top once the race for resources begins. However, achieving this objective will require a concerted effort from the entire company. Only time will tell if they are capable of presenting a united front in the months to come.

DEEP on Dolos

DEEP has ambitious plans for Dolos. They have invested an enormous amount of capital in this mission, and as such seek to recoup their costs through both short term material collection and long term research opportunities.

They recognize that the exploration of the planet will soon become a land grab, and as such have laid plans for aggressive exploration and colonisation of the planet, using their army of agents and DSF support to secure areas of particular interest. They also want to be the first to discover and analyse any alien remains on the planet.

However, DEEP must be careful in their approach, as they are aware that such competitive overtures may be perceived negatively by the public. Aware of the financial repercussions of prior backlash, they are committed to maintaining their positive image. To this end, the decision has been made to divert a great deal of their research and development efforts into improving people's lives and supporting popular causes such as disease research. Furthermore, DEEP is aware that their activities on Dolos could cause damage to the environment and any alien ecosystems. While conservation has never been a priority for the company, they are aware that they must work carefully to minimise their impact on the planet, and any long-term issues that overzealousness might cause.

DEEP is in direct competition with Milinda on Dolos. DEEP knows that if not handled carefully this competition could quickly turn violent, especially with the wealth available and the weaponry employed by all parties. Nonetheless, they are prepared to fight for their interests on the planet.

In the long-term, DEEP sees Dolos as an opportunity to strengthen their position as a leader in advanced technology. They are looking to utilise the planet's resources in the development of new products and services that will give them a competitive advantage over other companies. Such competition, though, is only one facet of what drives them. At its core, Dolos is a test. After all, if colonisation can be achieved here, there are many more planets out there just waiting for DEEP to find them.


Full Name: Uzoma Abraham Job Title: Chief Executive Officer, DEEP Sex: Male

Nationality: American Age: 43 years old Psychological Notes: Narcissistic personality disorder, social media addiction Current Location: Columbus1

Bio: Now a household name, Uzoma Abraham made his fortune in the fashion industry. His success came with the development of "Wear/Burn," a concept that generated a fashion trend in which template items like shoes, bags, and coats were styled and purchased via artificial intelligence. The value of the items was determined by their rarity, and customers could trade the items back to Wear/Burn or hold onto rare items, which increased in value over time. Consumer adoption was near-fanatical, and before long Wear/Burn expanded beyond clothing, including other products such as art, technology, and vehicles. After several years of unprecedented growth, the brand’s success exceeded anyone’s wildest predictions, soon becoming a fluid global currency. In 2043, Uzoma became the world's first trillionaire.

The following year, he created the ReVerb metaverse, a social media space that allowed individuals to interact virtually. Again, the project saw incredible success, overtaking any and all competition.

It was around this time that Uzoma became known for his now-famous interactions with his community online. A significant amount of Uzoma’s time is spent giving media interviews, and his propensity for directness and honesty won him wide approval as a cultural figurehead. However, his personality has also courted controversy, since he has sometimes shown a lack of understanding regarding the human consequences of his comments. Uzoma is also widely known for a lack of emotional control. His mercurialness has proven unmanageable at times, making headlines that have caused major stock fluctuations within his company. In the worst recorded incidences of this, he has been accused of near-cruelty to those he interacts with, particularly when he has perceived himself as being under attack.

Despite lacking an engineering or scientific background, in 2049 he used his fortune to establish the Space Engineering Agency. When interviewed about the decision to create the company, Uzoma cited a concern for the future of humanity as his driving motivation, noting his dismay at Earth's descent into a fight for resources, environmental issues, and institutionalised wealth discrepancies.

The company’s founding objective was the facilitation of transportation links to Mars. In a move lauded by the public, this transportation was designed not only for scientists and astronauts, but also individuals who bought Wear/Burn items. This allowed ordinary people to have the chance to participate in the journey to Mars, with a lottery determining who would ultimately embark on the mission. However, the implementation of this system was not without incident, as the Mars Lottery proved vulnerable to tampering. This led to substantial media backlash, with Uzoma’s reaction to the crisis only adding fuel to the fire. Luckily, Uzoma avoided lasting damage to his image when the public’s focus shifted following the discovery of alien ruins on Mars.

After the Pipe’s appearance, Uzoma entered into lengthy negotiations with other interested parties. At the end of the talks, he was inducted as the leader of the expedition through the wormhole.

Uzoma's interests span various sectors, such as biotechnologies, energy, and surgery, with Uzoma Corp, his personal holding company, owning shares in all his companies, including DEEP. As such, his is a voice with supreme weight in the expedition, despite how many might wish to silence it.

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